Tilt And Turn The Window – Oulai

We solemnly promise that Ningbo OULAI will only produce the best tilt and turn windows to bring peace of mind to customers. If you are interested in tilt and turn windows, please feel free to contact us.

tilt and turn windows have been around for decades.The assorted benefits of tilt and turn windows can be both overt and subtle. First, understanding the advanced functionality of a Tilt and Turn window is key. The Tilt Turn window is essentially 3 window types in one: fixed window, in-swing window, and hopper window. Thanks to advanced hardware, when the handle is placed in the downward position the window is locked, and in essence, a fixed window. Turning the handle 90 degrees allows the window to swing inward. With the handle in the 180 degree position or upward, the window is then able to tilt open. The many benefits of tilt and turn windows are simple and exciting.

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